Author: Doug Beekman

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Book:Kirith Kirin

Kirith Kirin

Jim Grimsley, Doug Beekman

Kirith Kirin is like no other fantasy that you have ever read.

Jim Grimsley has created a fantasy that could have come right from our world where power and greed can tempt, and sometimes conquer, even the most rightist person and where knowing who your friends and enemies are can be very difficult if not impossible. Yet it is not our world. For in Kirith Kirin’s world magic is real, immortals walk the land, and people are sometimes the playthings for the dark arts.

The Blue Queen, upon resuming the throne while King Kirith Kirin’s eternality is renewed in the Arthen forest, has partnered with a magician of the dark arts. No longer does she need to leave the throne to renew her eternal nature. Swayed by promises of the dark magician, she has claimed the throne forever and is extending her influence to the far corners of the world. …[more]

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