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Book:The Nightmare Chronicles

The Nightmare Chronicles

Douglas Clegg

These short stories from a master storyteller of horror “can chill the spine so effectively that the reader should keep paramedics on standby, “ says author Dean Koontz. It all begins when a young boy is held captive in an old tenement, and from there 13 nightmares unfold.

Book:The Hour Before Dark

The Hour Before Dark

Douglas Clegg

As children, they played the Dark Game.

When Nemo Raglan’s father is murdered in one of the most vicious killings of recent years, Nemo must return to the New England island he thought he had escaped for good, Burnley Island…and the shadowy farmhouse called Hawthorn. But this murder was no crime of human ferocity. What butchered Nemo’s father may in fact be something far more terrifying…Something Nemo and his younger brother, Bruno, and sister, Brooke, have known since childhood.

There are secrets buried on Burnley Island.

Within the rooms of Hawthorn, beautiful Brooke Raglan has begun to go mad. She sees faces at the windows and wanders the night, trying to find what she believes is a monster. …[more]

Book:The Machinery of Night

The Machinery of Night

Douglas Clegg

A massive short story collection from this best-selling author, collecting virtually ALL of Douglas Clegg’s chilling short stories and novellas, as well as featuring brand new, never-before-published fiction!

This collection features nearly forty works of fiction, is almost 250,000 words in length, and has nine never-before-seen works and one never before in-print novelette, along with two complete novellas.

The Machinery of Night is a landmark collection and one of the best books of the year!

Book:You Come When I Call You

You Come When I Call You

Douglas Clegg

An epic tale of horror, spanning twenty years in the lives of four friends—witnesses to unearthly terror.

The high desert town of Palmetto, California, has turned toxic after twenty years of nightmares. In Los Angeles, a woman is tormented by visions from a chilling past, and a man steps into a house of torture. On the steps of a church, a young woman has been sacrificed in a ritual of darkness. In New York, a cab driver dreams of demons while awake. And a man who calls himself the Desolation Angel has returned to draw his old friends back to their hometown?a town where, two decades earlier, three boys committed the most brutal of rituals, an act of such intense savagery that it has ripped apart their minds. And where, in a cavern in a place called No Man’s Land, something has been waiting a long time for those who stole something more precious than life itself.

Book:The Halloween Man

The Halloween Man

Douglas Clegg

A town where it rained blood…

The New England coastal town of Stonehaven had a history of nightmares—and dark secrets. But when Stony Crawford fell in love with beautiful Lourdes Maria Castillo, he became the unwitting pawn in a game of horror and darkness, a game that had been played since long before his birth.

The Halloween Man walks when the screaming begins, and only Stony Crawford holds the key to the chilling mystery of Stonehaven, and to the power of the unspeakable creature trapped within a summer mansion.

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