Author: Edward Marston

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Book:The Roaring Boy

The Roaring Boy

Edward Marston

Dame Fortune has abandoned Lord Westfield’s men to calamity…

One member of the popular London acting troupe has died. Their present production is a failure. Then an anonymous playwright hands company mainstay Nicholas Bracewell a chance for salvation: a new script that exposes a tragic miscarriage of justice in a murder case.

News of the impending production of The Roaring Boy swiftly reaches high places. Long before rehearsals begin, the company is menaced by enemies who target both script and players for destruction. For The Roaring Boy establishes the innocence of the two people executed for the crime and points a bold finger at the real murderer. Not even Lord Westfield, the company’s powerful patron, can save the troupe from the mortal danger that now encompasses them…

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