Author: Elise Weston

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Book:The Coastwatcher

The Coastwatcher: A Novel

Elise Weston

Something was out there. Something moving sideways, and it was close. “Daddy!” Hugh called. “It’s the sub! The one I told you about!…Hurry!” But by the time his father got to the window, the periscope was gone.

It is August 1943 and America is at war. Eleven-year-old Hugh, his mother, sister Sally, and cousin Tom are spending the summer on the South Carolina coast. Day after day Hugh scans the Atlantic Ocean through his binoculars looking for signs of enemy activity. It seems like a harmless way to spend time…at least at first.

But one day Hugh sees something in the water that looks like a periscope. Later he plucks a black bag out of the surf. Inside is a crudely drawn map. Then one night he spots a light flashing from the cupola at the top of an abandoned beach house. Now Hugh is convinced that enemy soldiers have invaded the coastline! …[more]

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