Author: Elizabeth Woodcraft

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Book:Good Bad Woman

Good Bad Woman: A Frankie Richmond Mystery

Elizabeth Woodcraft

Frankie Richmond knows trouble. A London barrister whose career is teetering on the brink of ruin and whose search for the right woman is about as successful as the quest for a perfect pair of jeans, “Trouble” could be Frankie’s middle name. But when she agrees to a routine appearance at a magistrate’s court as a favor for a friend and former lover, she never expects the kind of trouble that finds her accused of murder. Solving the case herself is a challenge Frankie is willing to tackle head-on, especially since the police are only too happy to pin the crime on a working-class lesbian barrister. But each time Frankie gets close to clearing her name, she gets even closer to some unpleasant truths about the people she thought she knew—and the one woman she wanted to get to know better.

With a plot as intricate and winding as the London streets, Good Bad Woman heralds the debut of a writer—and a protagonist—readers will be eager to hear more from.

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