Author: Eric S. Nylund

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Book:Dry Water

Dry Water

Eric S. Nylund

Lightning chased Larry Ngitis through the honey mesquite and creosote-covered hills of Seco County, New Mexico, to Dry Water, a reborn ghost town with a reputation for unusual occurrences and inexplicable phenomena.

A shy, sensitive author and reluctant psychic, Larry has the unsettling ability to see how other people will die. He believes he has come to this far removed place to escape old entanglements and write in peace. But there is no peace, and there never has been, in Dry Water. There are, however, rumors of a fabled springs of “water that cannot be drunk,” flowing through a netherealm where living and dead mingle, causing ripples in history and wrinkles in time. It is Larry’s destiny, unbeknownst to him, to locate the remarkable waterway.

His arrival has not gone unnoticed by two of the town’s more unconventional denizens: Raja, “Daughter of the Terror…[more]

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