Author: Ewart Hutton

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Book:Good People: A Glyn Capaldi Mystery

Good People: A Glyn Capaldi Mystery

Ewart Hutton

The half-Welsh/half-Italian cop Glyn Capaldi has fallen from grace and is exiled from Cardiff to the Welsh countryside. It’s a place where nothing of any significance is meant to happen, a place where supposedly he can do little harm.

But trouble has a way of catching up with Capaldi. Six men and a young woman disappear after a night of rugby and drink. They don’t all reappear. The ones that do are good people and seem to have an alibi. Only Capaldi remains unconvinced. In the face of opposition from the locals, Capaldi delves deeper and starts to uncover a network of conflicts, betrayals, and depravity that resonates below the outwardly calm surface of rural respectability.

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