Author: Frederick Grinnell

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Book:Everyday Practice of Science

Everyday Practice of Science: Where Intuition and Passion Meet Objectivity and Logic

Frederick Grinnell

Scientific facts can be so complicated that only specialists in a field fully appreciate the details. Professor Frederick Grinnell believes that the nature of everyday practice that gives rise to these facts should be understandable by everyone interested in science. Grinnell has an insider’s knowledge of biomedical research based on more than thirty-five years of experience. Over much of the same period, he also has been teaching about philosophical and ethical issues in science. Now, he integrates these perspectives into an enlightening and entertaining description of Everyday Practice of Science.

Grinnell describes how real life researchers bring their own interests and passions to their work. Through the discovery process, they try to learn new things about the world. Through the credibility process, they try to convince other scientists that what they have learned is correct. Diversity of interests and backgrounds amongst researchers enhances both discovery and credibility.…[more]

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