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Book:Our Lady of Darkness

Our Lady of Darkness

Fritz Leiber

Middle-aged San Francisco horror writer Franz Westen is rediscovering ordinary life following a long alcoholic binge. The one day, peering at his apartment window from a top a nearby hill, he sees a pale, brown thing lean out his window…and wave.

This encounter sends Westen on a quest through ancient books and modern streets, for the dark forces and paramental entities that thrive amidst the towering skyscrapers…and, meanwhile, the entities are also looking for him.

Book:The Wanderer (Fritz Leiber)

The Wanderer

Fritz Leiber

All eyes were watching the eclipse of the Moon when the Wanderer—a huge, garishly colored artificial world—emerged. Only a few scientists even suspected its presence, and then, suddenly and silently, it arrived, dwarfing and threatening the Moon and wreaking havoc on Earth’s tides and weather. Though the Wanderer is stopping in the solar system only to refuel, its mere presence is catastrophic. A tense, thrilling, and towering achievement. Winner of the Hugo Award for Best SF Novel of the Year!

Book:The Big Time

The Big Time

Fritz Leiber

Have you ever worried about your memory, because it doesn’t seem to recall exactly the same past from one day to the next? Have you ever thought you might be changing because of forces beyond your control? Have you ever thought that the whole universe might be a crazy, mixed-up dream? If you have, then you’ve had hints of the Change War.

It’s been going on for a billion years and it’ll last another billion or so. Up and down the timeline, the two sides—”Spiders” and “Snakes”—batle endlessly to change the future and the past. Our lives and memories are their battleground. And in the midst of the war is the Place, outside space and time, where Great Forzane and other Entertainers provide solace and R&R for tired time warriors.

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