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Book:A Blind Eye

A Blind Eye

G.M. Ford

The rules never mattered much to Frank Corso, rogue reporter, successful true crime writer, and honorable loner with a dangerous edge. The fact that two Texas troopers have a warrant with his name on it means nothing to him—except run—which he does in the company of photojournalist Meg Dougherty, his former lover and perhaps one true friend. But the running stops when a furious Midwestern blizzard sends their car crashing to the bottom of an icy hill, and they are forced to seek an escape from the storm in an abandoned Wisconsin house of horrors.

In a shed outside their temporary shelter a shocking discovery awaits Meg and Corso: human bones—a lot of them—the grisly remains of Eldred Holmes and his family. A hideous crime undetected for fifteen years is about to become a top priority for the understaffed local law, who want Corso to investigate. His first move will be to somehow locate the one family member who escaped…[more]

Book:The Deader the Better

The Deader the Better: A Leo Waterman Mystery

G.M. Ford

Seattle p.i. Leo Waterman isn’t looking for trouble when he and his forensic pathologist girlfriend Rebecca escape into the Washington wilder for a few days of relaxation—it just seems to find him. An old friend has purchased some choice property here in North America’s only rain forest and his posting of “No Trespassing” signs has incurred the wrath of every sportsman for miles around. But what starts as irksome harassment by the offended locals soon escalates into the real of the lethal. And it’s just Waterman’s luck to be in the epicenter of this murderous mess at the very moment it bursts into flames.

Book:Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca? A Leo Waterman Mystery

Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca? A Leo Waterman Mystery

G.M. Ford

…And just who is Leo Waterman?

A soft-hearted sleuth with a rebellious streak left over from the ‘60s, Leo Waterman seems to get entangled in, every oddball situation from Seattle to Puget Sound. So when he’s hired to locate Caroline Nobel, an errant mob heiress with an environmentalist’s heart, Leo goes with the flow—leaving behind the familiar sights of Pioneer Square to follow the landscape-loving activist into the rain-soaked Washington woods. But Caroline’s conscientious cohorts are dragging her deeper into the murky waters of environmental sabotage. And her hotheaded enthusiasm can’t be cooled, even after two people are brutally murdered. Caroline’s onto something extremely toxic. And unless Waterman can clear the air, her deadly dedication could poison him as well.

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