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Book:Make Mine a Mystery

Make Mine a Mystery: A Reader's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction

Gary Warren Niebuhr

If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive readers’ advisory guide for mystery and detective fiction, look no further. With more than 2,500 titles and more than 200 authors, this book will provide you with an excellent overview and a thorough understanding of the genre, from topics of interest, a history of mystery fiction, and subgenres, to hints for advising readers, and a discussion of collection development and preservation techniques. Even with no prior knowledge about the genre, with this guide you will find it easy to answer questions raised by readers. And if you’re an avid reader of mystery and detective fiction, you will love this book as you explore titles and gain an even deeper insight into the genre. Books can be searched by author, title, character, subject, and location. An indispensable resource for librarians and mystery fans.

Book:Read 'Em Their Writes

Read 'Em Their Writes: A Handbook for Mystery and Crime Fiction Book Discussions

Gary Warren Niebuhr

Who says there’s nothing to discuss about mysteries? Mystery readers unite—you can now read mysteries guiltlessly, and extend the pleasure through lively and informed discussions. Here is the guide for mystery book clubs. Award-winning author, librarian, and avid mystery fan Gary Niebuhr proves that “mystery book club” is no misnomer, and that when it comes to the mystery genre, there is indeed a great deal to talk about. He also reveals how to organize your group, get participants, select book club titles, prepare for the meeting, and conduct discussions. Book club themes, inside tips, and background material and sample questions for 100 of the best mystery titles for discussion are included—from Margaret Atwood’s Blind Assassin, Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, and James Lee Burke’s Cimarron Rose to Dashiell Hammet’s Maltese Falcon, Tony Hillerman’s Dance Hall of the Dead, and Elizabeth Inness-Brown’s Burning Marguerite. You’ll find a wonderful assortment of classic and contemporary mysteries…[more]

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