Author: George B. Schaller

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Book:The Serengeti Lion

The Serengeti Lion: A Study of Predator-Prey Relations

George B. Schaller

“This is an important book, not just for its valuable information on lions, but for its broad, open,and intelligent approach to problems that cut across the fields of behavior, populations, ecology, wildlife management,evolution, anthropology, and comparative biology.”—Richard G. Van Gelder, Bioscience

Book:Head Games: A Mike Garrity Mystery

Head Games: A Mike Garrity Mystery

George B. Schaller

“I have a tumor in my head. I call it Bob…”

With two ex-wives, a fifteen-year-old daughter who hates him, and a soon-to-be-fatal brain tumor nicknamed Bob, retired police detective Mike Garrity doesn’t have a lot to live for. He’s resigned himself to spending his last months alone, until an old colleague offers him a chance to go out with a bang, leave his daughter with an inheritance, and maybe even earn her respect.

Twenty-two year old TJ Sommerset is a member of the hit boy band Boyz Klub, a millionaire, and missing-in-action, putting at risk a world tour and millions in endorsements. He’s also the idol of Mike’s teenage daughter, Jennifer. So when Boyz Klub’s frantic manager hires Mike to locate his golden goose, Mike’s all too happy to make one last attempt to impress Jennifer. However, it isn’t long before Mike discovers that there are other people looking for TJ as well. And once a headless corpse shows…[more]

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