Author: George Hagenauer

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Book:Men's Adventure Magazines

Men's Adventure Magazines

Max Allan Collins, Rich Oberg, George Hagenauer, Steven Heller

“Weasels ripped my flesh!”

Battling dangerous beasts such as ferocious lions, venomous snakes, or swarms of man-eating weasels, the hunky heroes of men’s adventure magazines were frequently depicted struggling to protect themselves and especially their buxom female companions from the gruesome tragic ends that threatened their every waking moment.

Whether stranded on desert islands, clashing with motorcycle gangs, or shackled in prison camps, the magazines’ male and female protagonists were perpetually fighting their ways out of dangerous predicaments.

To pay homage to the American periodicals of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s that “documented” such outrageous exploits, Taschen brings you this hefty, comprehensive guide packed full of colorful cover art, sumptuous sample spreads, and enlightening essays.…[more]

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