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Book:The Great American Elephant Chase

The Great American Elephant Chase

Gillian Cross

When the elephant came to town, Tad and Cissie went to the show like everyone else. Little did they know it would change their lives for ever. Tad and Cissie get involved in a chase across America, by train, by flatboat and steam boat—but how do you hide an Indian elephant?

Book:Wolf (Gillian Cross)


Gillian Cross

When someone arrives in the middle of the night, Cassy is sent from her grandmother's flat to live with her mother in a squat. Cassy doesn't know who the stranger is, but suddenly there is danger following her.



Gillian Cross

Ashley's life is different from other teenagers. She has to look after her disabled mother full-time and take care of the house. She copes by being relentlessly cheerful and confident. But Ashley has a secret alter-ego: the dare-devil graffiti artist who has been tagging walls. And she has an admirer in the form of Eddie, a local gang boss. Before long, Ashley is sucked into his world and into a sinister plan to destroy the life of a local shopkeeper. Almost reduced to despair, Ashley turns to her mother for help. Together they devise a way to defeat Eddie and at the same time develop a stronger and better relationship.

Book:After Tomorrow (Gillian Cross)

After Tomorrow

Gillian Cross

What if you woke up tomorrow and everything had changed? Money is worthless. Your friends are gone. Armed robbers roam the streets. No one is safe. For Matt and his little brother, Taco, that nightmare is a reality. Their only hope of survival is to escape through the Channel Tunnel. But danger waits on the other side…Stay or go. What would you do?

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