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Book:Absent Friends

Absent Friends: A Nell Bray Mystery

Gillian Linscott

December 1918. The vote has been won at long last, the Great War is over and suffragette Nell Bray is standing for election. Everything seems to be falling into place for the dedicated activist. Yet, with a month to go to the first general election, Nell is still without party backing, writing desperately to friends and contacts to drum up support for her cause. Further, the former Conservative candidate has been blown up by a firework while celebrating the Armistice, his widow is certain that he’s sending her messages about his killer through a haunted piano, and at least one person in the constituency has a murderous hatred of all politicians. To add to Nell’s troubles, two men from her checkered past are home from the war.

Nell finds herself in the middle of a baffling case, with the odds most definitely against her—both for election victory and survival. The suffragette turned amateur sleuth must then show a dedication to the truth as strong as her loyalty to women’s rights to solve the mystery and come out on top.

Book:Blood on the Wood

Blood on the Wood: A Nell Bray Mystery

Gillian Linscott

When the suffragette movement is bequeathed a valuable painting by campaigner Philomena Venn, suffragette and amateur sleuth Nell Bray agrees to retrieve it. The plan is simple: Collect the picture from Philomena’s widower, Oliver, take it to Christie’s, and sell it to raise much-needed funds. But Nell is in for a surprise when she returns from the Vennes’ home in the Cotswolds: The painting he has given her is a fake!

When Oliver refuses to hand over the real painting, his son, political activist Daniel Venn, suggests an alternative plan to Nell: Why doesn’t she break into the house and switch the paintings? Against her better judgment she agrees, and in the process she uncovers a far more serious crime—a brutal murder in which she is now personally embroiled….

Once again, Gillian Linscott guides her delightfully starchy heroine through the politics, personalities, and perils of early twentieth-century England.

Book:Dead Man Riding

Dead Man Riding: A Nell Bray Mystery

Gillian Linscott

After three years of traipsing across Europe with her lovesick, widowed mother, Nell Bray has finally found her way to Oxford University. There she has befriended the beautiful Imogen and the charming Midge.

When the three girls decide to accept an invitation by their male classmates to join a reading party in the country during vacation—accompanied by a dashing philosophy don with a reputation for stirring up trouble—they go against what is quickly becoming the obsolete conventions of the nineteenth-century.

Once they arrive in the country, they are greeted by the unpleasant fact that their host has been accused of murder when a local boy is missing. Rather than return home, however, the six students and their mentor decide to put down their books and put their intellectual prowess to the test by solving the mystery.

This combination of mystery and learning—with some college crushes and loves along the way—makes Dead Man Riding Gillian Linscott’s best mystery to date.

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