Author: Glynn Marsh Alam

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Book:Dive Deep and Deadly

Dive Deep and Deadly: A Luanne Fogarty Mystery

Glynn Marsh Alam

Luanne Fogarty, adjunct scuba diver and reluctant linguistics professor, makes her debut in Glynn Marsh Alam’s first novel, Dive Deep and Deadly, set in the swamps outside Tallahassee.

Born in a swamp house, Luanne has returned to the dilapidated structure after her father’s death. She lives on the Palmetto River, between the glass bottomed boat park of Palmetto Spring and the tiny river town of Fogarty Spring. Her nearest neighbor and friend is the octogenarian Cajun, Dorian Pasquin.

Luanne’s struggle to repair the house comes to a halt when sheriff’s detective, Tony Amado, asks her to check out one of the deep underwater caves at Palmetto Spring where some boys have reported seeing a body. Luanne, a scuba diver who has a lifetime of familiarity with the dangerous caverns, goes down and locates the body of an elderly woman. When the regular sheriff’s deputies dive the next morning to retrieve the body, it has disappeared.

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