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Book:The Collected Stories (Grace Paley)

The Collected Stories

Grace Paley

At long last, here are all of Grace Paley’s classic stories collected in one volume. From her first book, The Little Disturbances of Man, published in 1959, to Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1974) and Later the Same Day (1985), Grace Paley’s quirky, boisterous characters and rich use of language have won her readers’ hearts and secured her place as one of America’s most accomplished writers. Grace Paley’s stories are united by her signature interweaving of personal and political truths, by her extraordinary capacity for empathy, and by her pointed, funny depiction a the small and large events that make up city life. As her work progresses, we encounter many of the same characters and revisit the same sites, bearing witness to a community as it develops and matures, becoming part ourselves of a dense and vital world that is singular yet achingly familiar.

Book:Later the Same Day

Later the Same Day

Grace Paley

Seventeen stories focus on social and political concerns that oppose practical pressures.

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