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Gwyneth Jones

“Life” is a richly textured fictional biography of the brilliant Anna Senoz, a scientist who makes a momentous discovery about the X and Y chromosomes. Anna’s discovery provokes widespread sexual rage and impacts cruelly on her career, her marriage, and her child. Ultimately, Anna faces a challenge that the practice of science alone cannot meet.

Book:Bold as Love

Bold as Love

Gwyneth Jones

Bold As Love is technically a science fiction novel, set as it is in a near future of political collapse and technological development, and yet it sprawls over the border between SF and fantasy. Ax is a rock musician conscripted by the government of post-Union England to consider the future and co-opt the counter-culture. He stays on to run things when the disgusting character, Pigsty, massacres his way to power, and Ax gradually becomes the much-loved centre of power and policy. Part of what keeps him ahead of events is a brain implant with all the…

Book:Seven Tales and a Fable

Seven Tales and a Fable

Gwyneth Jones

Book:Spirit: The Princess of Bois Dormant

Spirit: The Princess of Bois Dormant

Gwyneth Jones

Bibi (it means princess) is the sole survivor of a massacre. Lady Nef, the General’s wife, stops the General taking her as a concubine, winning Bibi’s eternal and passionate devotion. Years later, a diplomatic mission to a supposedly friendly planet ends in disaster. Bibi, now a junior officer in Lady Nef’s household, is incarcerated with her mistress in the notorious high-security prison on Fenmu. Lady Nef, 150 years old when arrested, dies in prison; she bequeaths to Bibi her rank, her level of access to the AI systems that permeate the Diaspora of inhabited planets, and a highly secret set of 4-space co-ordinates. Bibi uses Lady Nef’s death to escape from Fenmu, finds Spirit, an instantaneous-transit space pod, and follows Lady Nef’s co-ordinates to a treasure beyond price: a virgin, perfect, uninhabited planet.

Soon after this, the mysterious, fantastically wealthy Princess of Bois Dormant makes her debut in the high society of…[more]

Book:Midnight Lamp

Midnight Lamp

Gwyneth Jones

Rufus O'Niall is dead and the green nazi occupation has been defeated: but at a huge cost to the three extraordinary people who saved England from the dark. Shattered and deeply changed by the sacrifices each of them had to make, Fiorinda, Axe and Sage are in hiding from their friends and fans on the Pacific coast of Mexico when they're tracked down by an emissary of Fred Eiffrich, President of the United States. He's got an offer they can't refuse. It's about a movie, allegedly ...Sage finds himself drawn to an old flame. Ax has to fight dirty, for the future and against the might of a collapsing superpower. And Fiorinda, the magical daughter of the monster, whose memories of utter horror are threatening her sanity, struggles with a deadly addiction. The Bold As Love adventure continues, spinning a web of daring, dread and enchantment, in a world that could almost be ours.

Book:North Wind

North Wind

Gwyneth Jones

North Wind is the sequel to White Queen. The story of Johnny and Braemar told in White Queen, the story of a love affair between an alien and a human that almost destroyed the world, is a romantic legend in the world of the future. Now, differing factions are in search of the fabled faster-than-light drive that Johnny and Braemar used in their failed attempt to prevent the alien settlement of Earth. At the center of the search is the alien Bella, who may be Johnny’s daughter, and her human protector, Sidney Carton. Together they travel through the war-torn ruins of future Europe, searching for the key to the last great scientific discovery of humanity, watched and pursued by others, alien and human. And they must risk love, as well as death, to succeed.

Book:White Queen

White Queen

Gwyneth Jones

A tough, intense, funny, and horrifying look at an alien invasion of Earth about fifty years from now, White Queen begins deceptively quietly, in a bar in a crumbling African nation where Johnny Guglioli, an American journalist in exile, is trying to exorcise his demons and regain access to the international news network. He may just have a way: the girl who has been following him around isn’t a human being—she’s an alien come to Earth with others of her kind to settle. And she is willing to be interviewed. But who will believe it? And another reporter, Braemar Wilson, is also on the trail, and insinuates herself into partnership with Johnny. Suddenly all three are swept up into a worldwide whirlwind of events, a complex and deadly storm of sex, politics, and betrayal. A confusion of motives and a conflagration of feelings drives the narrative forward to its stunning conclusion.



Gwyneth Jones

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