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Book:The Man Who Was Taller Than God

The Man Who Was Taller Than God: A Carl Wilcox Mystery

Harold Adams

Carl Wilcox really does try to stay out of trouble—he’s had enough of it over the years—but the times being what they are, the choice isn’t always his. For now, though, he’s taken a job painting signs for the town of Hope, South Dakota. It beats hanging around his folk’s hotel in Corden and gives him the chance to earn an honest dollar.

Then, late one July day, the McGillacuddy kid rides up on his bike and tells him that there’s a body in the sandpit outside of town. Nothing about the death was natural. Everyone knew Felton Edwards, but there didn’t seem to be many who liked him, except for some of the women. And while the local police were willing to let matters just go their own way—without any help from Carl—the mayor had a different idea. It seems that Edwards left town about fifteen years ago and his last known location was Edenberg, but before he left, he’d had his way with some of the women in town, never giving any thought to whether they were married.…[more]

Book:No Badge, No Gun

No Badge, No Gun: A Carl Wilcox Mystery

Harold Adams

Carl Wilcox, a sort of Sam Spade of the Depression-era Prairie, sets out to find the killer of a brilliant teenage girl.

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