Author: Harry Lee Poe

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Book:Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion

Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion to His Tell-Tale Stories

Harry Lee Poe

Edgar Allan Poe has become so strongly associated with the dark nature of his work that, in some minds, its as if hes the central characterrather than the authorof the many horror and mystery tales that bear his name. And yet, well over a century after his death, his story remains as fascinating as those he wove, largely because the shadow cast by Poe was not one of his own design.

In Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion to His Tell-Tale Stories, Poe’s biography comes to life through images and fascinating memorabilia, including: a portion of his handwritten manuscript for the poem “A Dream Within a Dream”; contentious letters he exchanged with his foster father, John Allan; the bon indicating his intention to marry his cousin Virginia; his controversial obituary as it appeared in the New York Daily Tribune.

After touring his visual, interactive biography, fans of Poe will read “The Raven” and countless other classics with new appreciation.

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