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Book:The Dervish House

The Dervish House

Ian McDonald

It begins with an explosion. Another day, another bus bomb. Everyone it seems is after a piece of Turkey. But the shockwaves from this random act of 21st century pandemic terrorism will ripple further and resonate louder than just Enginsoy Square.

Welcome to the world of The Dervish House; the great, ancient, paradoxical city of Istanbul, divided like a human brain, in the great, ancient, equally paradoxical nation of Turkey. The year is 2027 and Turkey is about to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its accession to the European Union; a Europe that now runs from the Arran Islands to Ararat. Population pushing one hundred million, Istanbul swollen to fifteen million; Turkey is the largest, most populous and most diverse nation in the EU, but also one of the poorest and most socially divided. It’s a boom economy, the sweatshop of Europe, the bazaar of central Asia, the key to the immense gas wealth of Russia and Central Asia. …[more]



Ian McDonald

Think Bladerunner in the tropics…

Be seduced, amazed, and shocked by one of the world’s greatest and strangest nations. Past, present, and future Brazil, with all its color, passion, and shifting realities, come together in a novel that is part SF, part history, part mystery, and entirely enthralling.

Three separate stories follow three main characters:

Edson is a self-made talent impresario one step up from the slums in a near future São Paulo of astonishing riches and poverty. A chance encounter draws Edson into the dangerous world of illegal quantum computing, but where can you run in a total surveillance society where every move, face, and centavo is constantly tracked? …[more]

Book:River of Gods

River of Gods

Ian McDonald

Happy Hundredth Birthday, India…In the mid twenty-first century, Mother India is all the things she is now—ancient and vibrant, poor yet staggeringly rich. Diverse, violent, beautiful and terrible, thrilling and bewildering. A nation choked with peoples and cultures, riven with almost seismic contrasts and contradictions. Nearly two billion humans crowd the subcontinent and her seething cities—the cyberabads—where timeless culture and the highest of high-technologies meet to spawn new societies, and—possibly—new sentient species.

River of Gods is a book as big and brawling as its subject. Its magnificently diverse array of characters—from genetically enhanced ‘Brahmins’ to body-part runners, American scientists to ‘Dharma-cops’ (government Artificial Intelligence assassins)—are drawn in interwoven stories towards a cosmic-scale conclusion that will forever change the way we understand ourselves, life, and the universe we inhabit.

Book:King Of Morning, Queen Of Day

King Of Morning, Queen Of Day

Ian McDonald

In the myth-ridden hills of Ireland, three generations of young women struggle to tame the ancient magical powers that course through their blood. They each face the darker side of mytho-consciousness—one will embrace it, one will destroy it, and one will be swallowed whole.

Book:Cyberabad Days

Cyberabad Days

Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald’s River of Gods painted a vivid picture of a near future India, 100 years after independence. It revolutionized SF for a new generation by taking a perspective that was not European or American. The rich world of this novel has inspired McDonald to revisit its milieu in a series of short stories, all set in the world of River of Gods.

Cyberabad Days is a triumphant return to the India of 2047, a new, muscular superpower of one and a half billion people in an age of artificial intelligences, climate-change induced drought, water-wars, strange new genders, genetically improved children that age at half the rate of baseline humanity, and a population where males outnumber females four to one. India herself has fractured into a dozen states from Kerala to the headwaters of the Ganges in the Himalayas.

Cyberabad Days is a collection of seven stories, one Hugo nominee and one Hugo winner among them, as well as a thirty-one-thousand word original novella. As with everything Ian McDonald does, it is sure to be one of the most talked about books of the year.



Ian McDonald

On the trail of the mystery of Saturn’s disappearing moons, network journalist Gaby McAslan find herself in Aftrica researching the Kilimanjaro Event: a meteor which landed in Kenya causing the striking African landscape to give way to something equally beautiful—and indescribably alien. Dubbed the Chaga, the alien flora destroys all man-made materials, and moulds human flesh, bone and spirit to its own designs. And when Gaby McAsland finds the first man to survive the Chaga’s changes, she realizes it has its own plans for humankind.

Book:Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone

Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone

Ian McDonald

As a brilliant graphic arts student, Ethan Ring stumbled on a secret so awesome that its existence could not remain hidden. The computer-generated images he had helped to create contained infinite powers: the power to heal, erase memories, bring ecstasy, kill savagely. Locked into a devil’s bargain with the monolithic European government, Ethan now sees his one chance to escape the dark forces of destruction that have enslaved his soul. He will brave the treacherous terrain, the lawless bands of akiras, and the power-armored security forces to undertake a thousand-mile pilgrimage. But the danger Ethan fears most comes from within. It is the seductive lure of his own damnation.

Book:Hearts, Hands and Voices

Hearts, Hands and Voices

Ian McDonald

For almost 30,000 years The Land has been a dependency of The Empire Across The River. The Empire retains a mechanistic technology in the hands of the wealthy and the civil service, but The Land uses its dead, whose brains are linked to a massive data network.

Book:Desolation Road

Desolation Road

Ian McDonald

It all began 30 years ago on Mars, with a greenperson, but by the time it all finished, the town of Desolation Road had experienced every concievable abnormality from Adam Black’s Wonderful Travelling Chataqua to the Astounding Tatterdemalion Air Bazaar.

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