Author: Irene Marcuse

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Book:The Death of an Amiable Child

The Death of an Amiable Child: An Anita Servi Mystery

Irene Marcuse

Gone, but not Forgotten.

When Manhattan social worker Anita Servi stumbles over the body of an elderly female outside her apartment, she recognizes her as Lillian, the homeless person who spent occasional nights in the hallway and whom some tenants call the “lady of the landing.”

Though the woman’s death is ruled accidental, Anita, whose work with New York’s elderly gives her uncanny insight into their lives—and deaths—digs deeper into Lillian’s murky past and makes some stunning discoveries. Why did Lillian choose this building as a place to sleep? And why, despite her wealth, did she need to be homeless? As Anita, uncovers the shocking answers, the dark and dangerous face of a killer emerges, determined to make sure Anita takes the truth to her grave.

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