Author: J. Craig Venter

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Book:A Life Decoded

A Life Decoded: My Genome - My Life

J. Craig Venter

The triumphant true story of the man who achieved one of the greatest feats of our era——the mapping of the human genome

Growing up in California, Craig Venter didn’’t appear to have much of a future. An unremarkable student, he nearly flunked out of high school. After being drafted into the army, he enlisted in the navy and went to Vietnam, where the life and death struggles he encountered as a medic piqued his interest in science and medicine. After pursuing his advanced degrees, Venter quickly established himself as a brilliant and outspoken scientist. In 1984 he joined the National Institutes of Health, where he introduced novel techniques for rapid gene discovery, and left in 1991 to form his own nonprofit genomics research center, where he sequenced the first genome in history in 1995. In 1998 he announced that he would successfully sequence the human genome years earlier,…[more]

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