Author: J. Robert Janes

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Flykiller: A St-Cyr & Kohler Mystery

J. Robert Janes

It’s February 1943 and the famous old spa town of Vichy, France, has been closed for the duration of the German occupation. All the grand hotels are taken up by the Government of Marechal Petain, but corruption and murder reach into its highest levels. Detectives Jean-Louis St-Cyr and Hermann Kohler are summoned from Paris by Premier Pierre Laval who is desperate for outside assistance: Flykiller slays mistress of high-ranking Government employee. Murder follows murder, but is The Flykiller guilty or has he or she used the murders to focus on the corruption? Is there a threat to Petain’s life and that of the Government itself? Set against the oppressive backdrop of a captive society, this latest novel follows Beekeeper in an astonishingly original and gripping series of crime novels.

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