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Book:Suldrun's Garden

Suldrun's Garden: Book 1 of Lyonesse

Jack Vance

The Elder Isles, located in what is now the Bay of Biscay off the the coast of Old Gaul, are made up of ten contending kingdoms, all vying with each other for control. At the centre of much of the intrigue is Casmir, the ruthless and ambitious king of Lyonnesse. His beautiful but otherworldly daughter, Suldrun, is part of his plans. He intends to cement an alliance or two by marrying her well. But Suldrun is as determined as he and defies him. Casmir coldly confines her to the overgrown garden that she loves to frequent, and it is here that meets her love and her tragedy unfolds. Political intrigue, magic, war, adventure and romance are interwoven in a rich and sweeping tale set in a brilliantly realized fabled land.


Madouc: Book 3 of Lyonesse

Jack Vance

The World Fantasy Award-winning third volume of the Lyonesse trilogy brings attention to the faerie changeling Madouc.

Where princess Suldrun once meekly endured the proprieties of Castle Haidion, Madouc defends herself with mischief. Vexed, King Casmir and Queen Sollace arrange a contest to marry her off. However, Madouc has other ideas, and leaves with the stableboy “Sir Pom-pom” on a quest to learn the identity of her father, encountering swindlers, faeries, trolls, ogres, a knight in search of his youth, and a relatively pedestrian item known as the Holy Grail. As the sorcerers Shimrod and Murgen investigate dire portents in the world of magic, Casmir schemes to murder prince Dhrun of Troicinet and bring all the lands under his iron rule; however, his ambitions will be complicated by one small but important oversight—he’s failed to allow for Madouc!

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