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Book:All the Bells on Earth

All the Bells on Earth

James P. Blaylock

In the dead of night, a man climbs the tower of St. Anthony’s Church, driven by a compulsive urge to silence the bells. In a deserted alley, a seemingly random victim is consumed by a torrent of flames. And in the deceptive light of day, a mail-order businessman named Walt Stebbins receives a bizarre artifact—a glass jar containing the preserved body of a bluebird.

Things like this don’t usually happen in a town like Orange, California. Ordinary people do not expect to face evil—real evil—in their own backyards. But as Walt Stebbins unravels the mystery of the bird in the jar, he learns that every man’s life can sometimes resemble a horror movie. That the battle between good and evil is taking place every day, where you least expect it. And that, in the end, the ordinary qualities of simple human compassion, forgiveness, and love will be our only salvation…

Book:The Paper Grail

The Paper Grail

James P. Blaylock

Curator Howard Barton goes to Mendocino, California, to get a 19th-century woodcut sketch for his museum back home. But other, rather strange, people want the sketch for their own dubious purposes. Now Howard’s caught in the middle of a secret war that somehow involves a piece of paper that is much more than it seems.

Book:The Last Coin

The Last Coin

James P. Blaylock

Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Twenty-nine of the coins are already in the possession of the unpleasant Pennyman. The last coin is all that stands between the world and doom, and it now belongs to ordinary Andrew Vanbergen, owner of an inn where dark magic and bizarre heroism are about to intertwine.



James P. Blaylock

Homonculus is a fascinating trip to a London that never existed…but perhaps should have.

Darkly atmospheric, Homonculus weaves together the stories of Narbondo—a mad hunchback who works tirelessly to bring the dead back to life, of the members of the Trismegistus Club—a surly group of scientists and philosophers who meet at Captain Powers’ Pipe Shop, and of the homonculus—a tiny man whose powers can drive men to murder.

Book:The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season

James P. Blaylock

It’s a gray, wet winter in southern California, and Phil Ainsworth is alone. The sudden death of his young wife has left him shaken, and he gets eerie sensations as he roams around the big, old house he inherited from his mother. He’s sure he’s seen people snooping around his property, by the old well that, in this wet weather, always seems ready to overflow. How much is real and how much is in his head? That’s the question.

A late night phone call brings more bad news: Phil’s sister has died, leaving her ten-year-old daughter Betsy an orphan and naming Phil as guardian. It seems like a bad time to bring a child into this unhappy house, but Phil had always promised he’d take care of Betsy—and now she’s all the family he has left.

What he can’t know is that Betsy is a very special child. She has the ability to sense the powerful emotions of the past, to hear the voices of the dead, and to see the uncanny powers that are closing in around this house.

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