Author: James St. James

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Book:Disco Bloodbath

Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland

James St. James

When was the last time you read a story about murder and degradation that made you laugh out loud? When was the last time you read something that you just had to share with somebody and soon had you reading passages aloud? When was the last time you read something that was so startling that it made you think, “My God, not only am I not in Kansas anymore, I’m not even sure what planet I’m on!”

Well, welcome to the world of Disco Bloodbath, and the crazy, maddening, terrifying, bizarre, and totally charming people who inhabit it, doing all sorts of unspeakable things to each other—and to themselves—all in an effort to keep ennui at bay just for one more day.

Disco Bloodbath is a dazzling, dizzying, amazingly vivid, and startlingly fresh look at a subculture that for several…[more]

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