Author: Jan L. Coates

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Book:A Hare in the Elephant's Trunk

A Hare in the Elephant's Trunk

Jan L. Coates

In the little village of Duk Padiet in southern Sudan, a boy named Jacob Deng thrives on the love of his mother, the companionship of his sisters, the excitement of learning how to look after his uncle’s herds of cattle. The year is 1987, and suddenly in the night soldiers from the north invade the village, looting, burning, and killing. The war has arrived, and the life of Jacob will never be the same.

This novel is based on the real life experiences of a Sudanese boy who, with thousands of other boys from the region, fled for his life and spent seven years walking through deserts, grasslands and forests, crossing crocodile-infested rivers, surviving life in massive refugee camps. The so-called Lost Boys of Sudan—as they were called by an American aid organization—numbered as many as 27,000, and while many died—from starvation, attacks by wild animals, drowning, or through the brutality of the military—many…[more]

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