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Hav: A Novel

Jan Morris

When the world’s foremost travel writer describes the small city-state of Hav, it is unlike any of her other books. For Hav exists only in one special place–Jan Morris’s imagination.

Hav gives us Jan Morris at her most delightful and most suggestive. The city it describes is a magical place, but behind its arcane splendours are darker implications. The traditional Roof Race is peculiarly exciting, the waterfront is picturesque, the wistful call of a trumpeter from a distant rampart is wonderfully evocative, and every street corner is haunted by memories of illustrious visitors—Freud, Diaghilev, Marco Polo, Lawrence of Arabia and countless others. But Morris’s original visit to this prodigy, as recorded in the first part of this book, ends in flight when an unidentified enemy ravages the place.

When she returns some twenty years later, to write the second part of the book, she discovers a city-state that has rebuilt…[more]

Book:Last Letters from Hav

Last Letters from Hav

Jan Morris

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