Author: Jane Ray

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Book:The Lost Happy Endings

The Lost Happy Endings

Jane Ray

If it were not for Jub there would be no happy endings, none at all. But one night, on her way to make sure that every story told in the world ends well, she is caught by a wicked witch who steals all her happy endings. Jub must use all her ingenuity to rescue the stories from disaster.

Book:Jinnie Ghost

Jinnie Ghost

Berlie Doherty, Jane Ray

Introducing Jinnie Ghost, thin as the wind, with hair as white as the feathers of owls and eyes like water. Jinnie whispers dreams to children as they sleep. She brings Charlotte's dolls to life, makes Amy's carpet bubble with frogs and toads and conjures up a giant to carry Joe away shoulder-high to his castle in the sky. But the break of dawn takes Jinnie away...and the children wake to a new day, brushing wonder from their eyes. This perfectly-pitched poem takes readers on a thrilling fantasy journey, raising a shiver or two on the way, but returning them safe and sound in the morning.

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