Author: Janice Steinberg

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Book:Death in a City of Mystics

Death in a City of Mystics

Janice Steinberg

When Margo Simon gets word of her mother’s accident, she catches the next flight to Tel Aviv. Her concern deepends when she reaches Safed, where her mother, Alice, has been living while studying Kabbalah. What Margo thought had been a simple mishap is actually much more—Alice’s dangerous fall was caused by a reaction to a poisonous herb. Everyone, including Alice’s guru, Batsheva, seems to think that Alice had carelessly mixed the her into her tea. But Margo knows better. Which brings up a frightening question—was someone deliberately trying to harm her mother? Then, when Batsheva’s body is found several days later, Margo knows for sure that what is happenimg in this city of mystics is no accident….

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