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Book:Live Wire

Live Wire: A Simon Leonidovich Novel

Jay MacLarty

For the right price, Simon Leonidovich will deliver anything, anywhere. This time, the cost may be too high.

Faced with the dire news that North Korea intends to sell its nuclear weapons indiscriminately on the black market, the American President must resort to the unthinkable: he secretly offers to support a North Korean faction intent on overthrowing the government of Kim Jong-il. To facilitate this deadly covert operation, professional courier Simon Leonidovich is recruited to deliver vital CIA documents to the North Korean dissidents. But when Simon finds himself trapped behind enemy lines with a briefcase full of incriminating evidence, he discovers the true nature of the threat: an elaborate conspiracy by someone within the administration—to take down the American President….



Jay MacLarty

The job of a high-risk courier is very simple. You pick something up. You drop something off. The hard part is not getting killed.

When Kyra, the daughter of Big Jake Rynerson—one of the world’s wealthiest men—is kidnapped in the Galapagos Islands, professional courier Simon Leonidovich is hired to deliver the ransom. But playing bagman for a billionaire is not so simple—not when so many people stand to gain by Kyra’s disappearance, and not when someone close to Big Jake is playing for the wrong team. To complicate matters, Simon finds himself falling for Big Jake’s enticing and clever assistant, Caitlin Wells, though she may be the very one scheming to control the Rynerson empire.

But when the money drop gets botched, the stakes turn deadly for both Simon and Kyra. From the dark jungles of Colombia…[more]

Book:The Courier

The Courier

Jay MacLarty

The Courier’s Motto: the package always arrives unopened, undamaged, and in one piece.

But the courier may not be so lucky.

Simon Leonidovich is an average-looking guy, with a disarming smile and more frequent-flyer miles than most airline pilots. He’s a high-tech, international courier of “packages” that range from priceless works of art to human organs and nuclear materials. When he accepts a contract to make a pickup at a small laboratory in Sweden, it seems like another easy job—until someone sets him up for a fall.

Suddenly, he’s on the run, trying to protect secret data that could save the lives of millions and destroy an international corporate merger. The police want him for a murder; a psychotic hired killer wants him for the package and the pleasure of…[more]

Book:Choke Point (Jay MacLarty)

Choke Point

Jay MacLarty

When high-risk courier Simon Leonidovich is drawn into a game of international intrigue in the new gaming capital of the world, the odds are stacked against him like never before.

While overseeing the frenzied but suspiciously troubled construction of his new Macau mega resort, The Pacific Pearl, Big Jake Rynerson is secretly working with the president of the United States to frame a new international trade agreement—the Pacific Rim Alliance—between China, Taiwan, and America.

To help forge this partnership, Simon Leonidovich, the man who can deliver anything, anywhere, is called upon to return a priceless artifact—the Crest of Ch’in—to the People’s Republic of China. But there are many shadow forces who view a Sino-American alliance as a threat to their interests. With the opening of the Pacific Pearl just weeks away, a violent attack leaves Big Jake fighting for his life…and the man who can save the Alliance struggling to save himself.

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