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Book:Lark & Termite

Lark & Termite: A Novel

Jayne Anne Phillips

A rich, wonderfully alive novel from one of our most admired and best-loved writers. Lark and Termite is set during the 1950s in West Virginia and Korea. It is a story of the power of loss and love, the echoing ramifications of war, family secrets, dreams and ghosts, and the unseen, almost magical bonds that unite and sustain us.

At its center, two children: Lark, on the verge of adulthood, and her brother, Termite, a child unable to walk and talk but filled with radiance. Around them, their mother, Lola, a haunting but absent presence; their aunt Nonie, a matronly, vibrant woman in her fifties, who raises them; and Termite’s father, Corporal Robert Leavitt, who finds himself caught up in the chaotic early months of the Korean War.

Told with deep feeling, the novel invites us to enter into the hearts and thoughts of the leading characters, even into…[more]

Book:Machine Dreams

Machine Dreams

Jayne Anne Phillips

Death, birth, coming-of-age, marriage, and partings are spun into a wondrous reminiscence of the fateful, bittersweet passage of everyday lives in extraordinary times.

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