Author: Jean-Yves Tadie

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Book:Marcel Proust: A Life

Marcel Proust: A Life

Jean-Yves Tadie

One of the twentieth century’s towering literary figures comes to life in this definitive biography by the world’s premier authority on Proust.

A bestseller in France, where it was originally published to great critical acclaim, Jean-Yves Tadie’s monumental life of Proust is the first to make use of a wealth of primary material only recently made available. With profound intelligence, analytical perspicuity, and wit, Tadie gives us a masterful portrait of a great artist in his time. Marcel Proust: A Life provides a scrupulously researched and engaging picture of the intellectual and social universe that fed Proust’s art, along with an indispensable critical reading of the work itself. The result is authoritative, magisterial, and a beautiful example of the art of biography.

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