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Book:Staked Goat

Staked Goat: A Detective Novel

Jeremiah Healy

Book:The Only Good Lawyer

The Only Good Lawyer: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery

Jeremiah Healy

As a favor to a friend, Boston P.I. John Francis Cuddy is looking into the case of Alan Spaeth—a racist, a misogynist, and a suspected cold-blooded killer. But as much as he’s repulsed by the accused, Cuddy’s convinced of Spaeth’s innocence; he’s also intrigued by the victim, Woodrow Wilson Gant, the African-American lawyer who had been representing Spaeth’s wife in a very nasty divorce. Three quick bullets on a deserted roadside knocked Gant’s rising star out of the Boston skyline for good, and now Cuddy’s discovered the attorney was a man of strange desires—and deadly secrets.

Ricocheting from Gant’s law offices, Cuddy picks up the trail of a woman who fled the scene of the murder and stumbles on a more personal question. The mere mention of Gant’s name puts a cold, hard kink in his relationship with Assistant D.A. Nancy Meagher, and Cuddy’s losing sleep wondering why. With greed, revenge, and jealousy just a few of the motives in Gant’s high-profile homicide, it’s up to Cuddy to explore the raw passion—and touch every nerve—of a city on the edge.

Book:Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery

Jeremiah Healy

A woman hires Boston P.I. John Francis Cuddy to investigate her mysterious boyfriend, Andrew Dees. Cuddy obliges and finds much more than a covert Casanova. It seems that Dees bears a marked resemblance to a stoolie who disappeared after turning the feds onto the Milwaukee mob family he cooked books for. And Cuddy’s prying has the vengeful family thinking that Cuddy can lead them to the elusive Dees for a little score settling.


Foursome: A John Cuddy Novel

Jeremiah Healy

At a quiet getaway cabin on a peaceful pond in rural Maine, three people are dead. Someone using Steven Shea’s crossbow savagely murdered Steven’s wife and the couple’s best friends, Vivian and Hale Vandermeer. To the police, Steven Shea is the prime suspect. Shea’s lawyer, an law school buddy of detective John Cuddy’s girlfriend, hires Cuddy to find a weakness in the overwhelming evidence against his client.

Book:Shallow Graves: A John Cuddy Mystery

Shallow Graves: A John Cuddy Mystery

Jeremiah Healy

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