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Book:Weeds and Wild Flowers

Weeds and Wild Flowers

Alice Oswald, Jessica Hagerman

Weeds and Wild Flowers is a magical meeting of the poems of Alice Oswald and the etchings of Jessica Greenman. Within its pages, everyday flora take on an extraordinary life, jostling tragically at times, at times comically, for a foothold in a busying world. Stunningly visualised and skilfully animated, this imaginative collaboration beckons us toward a landscape of botanical characters, and invites us to see ourselves among them.

Book:Even Odder: More Stories to Chill the Heart

Even Odder: More Stories to Chill the Heart

Steve Burt, Jessica Hagerman

15 Creepers for Classrooms, Campfires and Car Trips. For Young Adults and Adults. Sequel to Odd Lot: Stories to Chill the Heart, which won the Benjamin Franklin Award (silver) for Best Mystery/Suspense, the ForeWord Award honorable mention for Best Horror, Writer’s Digest’s Honorable Mention for Best Genre Fiction, and had 6 stories named honorable mention in Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. The author is also a double Ray Bradbury award-winner.

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