Author: Joan Barfoot

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Luck: A Novel

Joan Barfoot

Nora, an artist, wakes up one morning to discover that her husband, lying beside her, has died in the night. Naturally, she screams. Beth, Nora’s ethereal artist’s model, and Sophie, the housekeeper, who also live in the big house on the hill, come rushing.

Such startling, terrible things do happen, and Philip’s silent demise is bound to have dramatic effects. The abruptly widowed Nora, whose recent works of biblical art have caused a fundamentalist furor in the town where they live, is unexpectedly confronted by solo life in a place she despises. Beth faces losing a haven from her own shocking history, while Sophie, a former overseas aid volunteer traumatized by the experience, has her own secret griefs to contend with.

Luck follows the days immediately after Philip’s death as the women career through circumstances none of them could have expected, under the big hovering question: Now what?

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