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Book:Miracles in Maggody

Miracles in Maggody: An Arly Hanks Mystery

Joan Hess

Chief of police Arly (Ariel) Hanks handles all the crime that comes her way in Maggody, Arkansas (pop. 755), with the ease that Ruby Bee at Ruby Bee’s Bar & Grill gets out her blue plate specials. Of course, most lawbreaking in this neck of the woods has to do with an illegal still or Raz Buchanon’s pet pig getting loose. And the biggest crime, according to her mother and friends, is Arly’s own unmarried state. But that’s before the motorcade of televangelist and faith healer Malachi Hope rolls into town and sets up a tent revival that promises to put Maggody on the map…and put Arly on the hot seat.

Book:O Little Town of Maggody

O Little Town of Maggody: An Arly Hanks Mystery

Joan Hess

Chief of Police Arly (Ariel) Hanks is still hiding out in her hometown of Maggody, Arkansas (pop. 755), the land of moonshine and Ruby Bee’s Bar & Grill, country roads and Nashville on the radio, cheatin’ hearts and, well, maybe murder. It all starts when Matt Montana, country music’s number one superstar of the year, decides it’s a great PR move to come home to Maggody for the holidays. For a town in the grip of a recession, the news means Christmas is bringing a savior.

Mrs. Jim Bob Buchanan, the mayor’s wife, quickly sets up the Matt Montana Official Souvenir Shoppe, the amply endowed Dahlia Buchanan drives tourists around in the “Matt-mobile,” and beer costs two dollars a bottle at the Matt Montana Hometown Bar & Grill. Only one thing is missing: Aunt Adele, Matt Montana’s one and only living relative. The elderly lady has mysteriously disappeared from the local nursing home, and Arly—even with the loan of the Fayetteville’s PD’s tracking dog—can find…[more]

Book:Mischief in Maggody

Mischief in Maggody: An Arly Hanks Mystery

Joan Hess

Police Chief Arly Hanks finds her small town, Maggody, has some new inhabitants when she returns from vacation. Soon, Robin Buchanon, local prostitute and moonshiner, disappears, and Arly finds her bloody body at the edge of a marijuana field.

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