Author: Joanne Dobson

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Book:Quieter Than Sleep

Quieter Than Sleep

Joanne Dobson

English professor and Emily Dickinson expert Karen Pelletier is as unlikely a sleuth as you’ll ever find, and you’d think that an elite college like Enfield would be as safe, cozy, and insulated as its reputation. But Enfield is shaken to its Puritan roots when star English professor Randy Astin-Berger tumbles out of a closet into Karen’s arms at a faculty cocktail party, strangled to death with his own flashy necktie. Karen struggles to remember Randy’s last words, spoken just minutes before she caught his corpse. He’d been babbling something about a mysterious “master letter,” but unfortunately, she hadn’t really been listening.

Lieutenant Piotrowski of the local police naturally suspects Karen first, since she was the last person to be seen with Astin-Berger. But when a student, Bonnie Weimer, is found dead two days later, the search widens. Why anyone would want to kill…[more]

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