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Book:Where Furnaces Burn

Where Furnaces Burn

Joel Lane

Episodes from the casebook of a police officer in the West Midlands:

  • A young woman needs help in finding the buried pieces of her lover... so he can return to waking life.
  • Pale-faced thieves gather by a disused railway to watch a puppet theatre of love and violence.
  • Why do local youths keep starting fires in the ash woods around a disused mine in the Black Country?
  • A series of inexplicable deaths lead the police to uncover a secret cult of machine worship.
  • When a migrant worker disappears, the key suspect is a boy driven mad by memories that are not his own.
  • Among the derelict factories and warehouses at the heart of the city, an archaic god seeks out his willing victims.

Blurring the occult detective story with urban noir fiction, Where Furnaces Burn offers a glimpse of the myths and terrors buried within the industrial landscape.

Book:The Lost District and Other Stories

The Lost District and Other Stories

Joel Lane

Joel Lane follows his award-winning collection The Earth Wire (1994) with a still darker and more subversive assemblage of strange tales. The Lost District links the hidden places in urban and small-town landscapes to the hidden places in human lives. Set in a post-industrial hinterland of the present, the near future, and the imagined, these stories portray human encounters with the unknown: sexual discovery, drug-inspired visions, the lonely paths of madness, and the shadowy realm on the other side of death.

Here you will read of a porn film actor whose scars reveal the forces controlling his life; an underground factory where outsiders pay a terrible price in order to belong; a musician haunted by the madness of a dead singer; a neighborhood fading into corrupt echoes of itself; and a man who literally follows his ex-lover to the end of the world. …[more]

Book:Earth Wire and Other Stories

Earth Wire and Other Stories

Joel Lane

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