Author: John Kessel

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Book:Good News from Outer Space

Good News from Outer Space

John Kessel

George Eberhart is dead. Or was. The newsnet he works for has illegally revived him. But he finds himself examining the sensationalist stories he has been reporting on—for evidence that there are Aliens among us.

Lucky Eberhart, George’s wife, loses her job for her role in reviving him, and finds that there are worse things on Earth than she had dreamed of in her philosophies.

The Reverend Jimmy-Don Gilray believes that the Day of Judgment will arrive on the stroke of midnight, December 31, 1999. But all bets are off if the Aliens are already here.

Meanwhile, Carla Hazard, Sandy Ellison, and Martha Shummel are finding that this is their lucky day. Or is it all a sinister Alien game?

And Judgment Day approaches…

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