Author: John Taylor

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Book:The Count and the Confession

The Count and the Confession: A True Mystery

John Taylor

Do you believe that the gentlest and most courteous person you know is capable of murder?

The count in John Taylor’s beguiling true story is Roger de la Burde, a wealthy scientist and art collector, who wore ascots, claimed he was a Polish nobleman, bowed to women—and then routinely propositioned them. In 1992, Burde was found dead on his Virginia estate, with a single bullet wound in his forehead. The Count and the Confession explores the layers of mystery surrounding this strange man’s death. Did he, as the local deputies at first assumed, commit suicide? Or had he, as a state police investigator later decided, been killed? And if so, by whom? The longtime girlfriend? The pregnant mistress? A cuckolded husband? A disgruntled business associate?

At the center of this mystery is Beverly Monroe, who becomes the lead suspect in Burde’s death. Monroe is an improbable…[more]

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