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Book:Fire Lover: A True Story

Fire Lover: A True Story

Joseph Wambaugh

From master crime writer Joseph Wambaugh, the acclaimed author of such classics as The Onion Field and The Choirboys, comes the extraordinary true story of a firefighter who may have been, according to U.S. government profilers, “the most prolific American arsonist of the twentieth century.”

Growing up in Los Angeles, John Orr would watch in awe as firefighters scrambled to put out blazes with seeming disregard for their own lives. One day he would become a fireman himself, and a good one. As a member of the Glendale Fire Department, he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a fire captain and one of southern California’s best-known and most-respected arson investigators, as well as a writer of firefighting articles and finally of a fact-based novel. But there was another, unseen life, one that included many women, a need for risk, and a hunger for recognition. …[more]

Book:The Black Marble

The Black Marble

Joseph Wambaugh

He is a damned good cop—a burned-out homicide detective wrapped around a Smith & Wesson .38 and a vodka bottle. She is his partner—twice divorced, nursing a grudge against men, obsessed by the awful temptation of love.

Joseph Wambaugh: The tough ex-cop who writes the hard-hitting best sellers—a master storyteller whose characters are as powerful and as passionate as his plots.

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