Author: Joyce Carol Thomas

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Book:The Blacker the Berry

The Blacker the Berry

Joyce Carol Thomas, Floyd Cooper

We are color struck
The way an artist strikes
His canvas with his brush of many hues
Look closely at these mirrors
these palettes of skin
Each color is rich
in its own right

Black is dazzling and distinctive, like toasted wheat berry bread; snowberries in the fall; rich, red cranberries; and the bronzed last leaves of summer. In this lyrical and luminous collection, Coretta Scott King honorees Joyce Carol Thomas and Floyd Cooper celebrate these many shades of black beautifully.

Book:Marked By Fire

Marked By Fire

Joyce Carol Thomas

She has grown up—Abyssinia Jackson has—under a vast Oklahoma sky shaded with pecan trees and dotted by endless rows of cotton. She has the gift of song, a storyteller’s talent, the love of her parents, and the affection and pride of her community.

Then a tornado hits and drives Abby’s family apart. A deranged neighbor targets her for a campaign of vengeful terror. And a physical assault all but breaks her will.

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