Author: Judith Van Gieson

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Book:The Shadow of Venus

The Shadow of Venus: A Claire Reynier Mystery

Judith Van Gieson

From the acclaimed author of Land of Burning Heat—the murder of a young woman takes rare book expert Claire Reynier into Albuquerque’s dark streets, where she must shed light on the shadows of the past.

Book:The Lies That Bind

The Lies That Bind: A Neil Hamel Mystery

Judith Van Gieson

Early in the morning of November 1, Neil and her boyfriend, the Kid, are shaken out of their postcoital bliss when they find a surprise visitor at Neil’s apartment door. The visitor is Martha Conover, a pinched, elegant older woman who looks askance at Neil’s “just-had-sex aura” but still pleads for her help. Martha’s been accused of running over Justine Virga, the girl who accidentally killed her grandson, Michael, in a car crash three years—to the day—earlier. Though Justine’s crushed corpse is found outside Martha’s home and Martha’s car bears an incriminating dent, Neil gradually discovers clues from Martha’s prim past and Justine’s wild one that point to other suspects, from drug dealers to South American death squads to Michael’s Latino father, wronged two decades earlier by Martha’s bigotry.

While Neil searches for Justine’s killer, she treats us to her wry take on every stratum of today’s Southwest, from…[more]

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