Author: K.W. Jeter

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Book:Farewell Horizontal

Farewell Horizontal

K.W. Jeter

The cylinder was the world and within it lived the Horizontal dwellers—factory drudges and the wealthy, priviledged few. Seeking to escape the Horizontal, Ny Axxter, a free-lance graffex artist, took to the Vertical, the outside of the Cylinder. Here people traveled the cable network with microchip implants that let them tap into the computer-run economic and information net. Roaming among the warring military tribes that ruled the Vertical, Ny sought his big break. But when it came, he was caught in a tribal power struggle, pursued by a megassassin, and forced to flee to places no Vertical climber had ever seen before…

Book:Dark Seeker

Dark Seeker

K.W. Jeter

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