Author: Karen Michalson

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Book:Enemy Glory

Enemy Glory

Karen Michalson

Young Llewelyn is an unhappy child in the southern city of Sunnashiven. Estranged from his parents, he finds solace in the friendship of a local hedge witch who teaches him and gives him hope with her predictions for his future. After the witch dies, Llewelyn wants to continue learning and is allowed to enter school and train to be a religious magician.

His education is interrupted when war leads to revolution in Llewelyn’s small kingdom. Llewelyn, now a young man, flees to another country and joins a strange little revolutionary cadre led by young Duke Walworth. There he lives an idyllic and idealistic life filled with love and magic. But after a betrayal, he ends up a student in a monastery, in trouble with the law, an angry young magician ready to fight the world. And the war goes on.

Filled with memorable characters, abundant lush imagery, and true strangeness, Enemy Glory is the impressive launch of a new fantasy world.

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