Author: Karen Wallace

British writer.


Book:Raspberries on the Yangtze

Raspberries on the Yangtze

Karen Wallace

The Yangtze in this story is not a river in China. It's a name Nancy gives to a special place near the edge of her town in the back-woods of Quebec, Canada. It's here, where the wild raspberries grow, that Nancy and her friends, the strange and wonderful sisters Clare and Amy, explore and let their imaginations soar.

The girls wonder about their neighbor, Sandra the troublemaker, and her older teenage sister, Tracy. Sandra's mother thinks Nancy is a bad influence. But Nancy has seen and heard strange things happening at Sandra's house. She's sure there are more secrets hidden behind their closed doors.

During this summer of change, as Nancy struggles to make sense of the world around her, she learns that things are seldom what they seem. Once something is revealed, Nancy can't go back to the way she was before.

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