Author: Karin Lowachee

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Karin Lowachee

At age four, Yuri Kirov watched his homecolony destroyed by the alien enemy. By six,he was a wounded soul, fending for himself in a desolate refugee camp, and still a child when the pirates found him. Now 24, Yuri is a killer, a spy, a blackmailer, and a pirate captain—doing life in prison. That is until Earthhub Black Ops agents decide to make Yuri their secret weapon in a covert interstellar power grab. Released from jail, but on a leash to the government, Yuri is more trapped than ever. Controlled by men even more ruthless than the brigands he’s ordered to betray, Yuri is back again in deep space where his survival depends on a dangerous act: trusting a stranger’s offer of help.



Karin Lowachee

When Jos’ parents were killed in an attack on their trading ship, the boy is kidnapped by his attackers and then escapes-only to fall into the alien hands of humanity’s greatest enemies. As he grows into a young man, Jos is brainwashed into becoming a spy against the human race. At every step, his choices are made for him-until the climactic moment when he takes his life into his own hands.

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