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Book:Exorcisms and Ecstasies

Exorcisms and Ecstasies

Karl Edward Wagner

Karl Edward Wagner was 49 when he died in 1994. Horror readers treasured him as a superb craftsman in the short story form, as an anthologist for a decade’s worth of the DAW Year’s Best Horror Stories series, the maestro of Carcosa Press, a champion of the works of Manly Wade Wellman, and the creator of Kane, an immortal warrior-necromancer who swings his sword through stories thick with supernatural dread. This lovingly assembled book, planned before Karl died, serves both as a memorial volume and a last collection of his fiction. Included are a gallery of…

Book:Death Stalks the Night

Death Stalks the Night

Hugh B. Cave, Karl Edward Wagner

Originally scheduled as a Carcosa release, this collection by Hugh B. Cave includes eighteen novelettes and short stories dating from the Thirties. The collection was assembled and edited by Karl Edward Wagner. The genre was called “weird menace”, and it melded hard-boiled adventure with horror. Mad villains and their twisted henchmen abound, ever ready to kidnap and torture some beautiful, scantily-clad victim. The heroes were tough, two-fisted men of action, and action was what it was all about.

Book:Dark Crusade

Dark Crusade

Karl Edward Wagner

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